Thanyaporn Herbs Butea Superba capsules
Butea Superba capsules

Thanyaporn Herbs Butea Superba capsules

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  • Usage: 2 x per day after breakfast and dinner, 1 capsule
  • Content: 100 mg Butea Superba extract per capsule
  • Packing: Bottle with 100 capsules
  • Expiration: 20 - 24 months
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Butea Superba, the herbal tonic for man. The Plant The plant is a crawler and wraps itself around large trees. Each branch has 3 leaves, the flowers are yellow/orange. The plant has very long roots, and can be found in the Northern and Eastern regions of Thailand. The roots and the stem of the plant is where the hidden powers of the plant are kept: increase power and male sexual power. Butea Superba is derived from the famous Red Kwao Krua plant from Thailand, this very potent herbal product is especially suitable for men as a body tonic and restoring sexual ability. butea superba, thai herbal products, 100 caps Butea Superba will give you a longer and harder erection, Butea Superba frees up tostesteron which will increase your sexdrive. Butea Superba also relieves fatigue, hypertension and the cholesterol level in the blood and will increase sexual desire. Butea Superba works for most men with a Erectile Dysfunction because it enlarges the testis artery and improves nutritional support needed for erectile capacity. Butea Superba contains Phytochemicals that are very benifitial to the human health. Butea Superba is also dubbed as "Herbal Viagra" and it increases the male sexual ability; Butea Superbe works for most men.

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