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Kankanok (Detox) Body Patch (2 per pack)

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Body Detoxification & Relaxation
Part Number: 16710-1-6010060248
Kankanok Foot Patch made from herbs and natural ingredients.

Helps to warm up " Prana" through reflex points on the feet, associated with the meridian system in traditional Eastern medicine theory. Improves your blood and lymph circulation, making you feel relaxed and promoting better sleep.

Also boosts your energy and reduces fatigue.

Suitable for: - any muscle ache or pain - tiredness - general relaxation - cold feet - smoking and drinking

Active Ingredients:-
- Tourmaline (Nature's source of far infrared and negative ions. Rejuvenates the immune system. Reducing anxiety & stress)
- Peppermint (Relief from excessive flatulence and stomach inflation. Reduces fever, cold symptoms, stress and migraine)
- Chilli (Clears your nose to aid breathing. Relief from coughs, headaches, cold symptoms & tendon and pains)
- Jasmine (Relief from dizziness/feeling faint, allergies & reduces skin rashes. Relaxant & aids treatment of abscess, bruise or wound
- Artichoke (Protects the liver from damage, lowers cholesterol level. Helps relaxation & reduces tension. Packed with antioxidants)
- Bamboo charcoal (Absorbs toxins and detoxifies. Improves blood circulation & relieves muscle tension)

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