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Our Medicinal Products are primarily available in the form of Herbal Capsules & Teas. They are 100% Natural, FDA approved & GMP, HCCP and HALAL complaint.

Partnering with Thanyaporn Herbs for over 15 years, we have been able to use our extensive experience to develop a truly international market.

Founded in 1975, Thanyaporn is a family business focussed on Natural Herbal medicines & remedies. Their extensive knowledge (gathered over the last 50 years) has enabled them to keep developing new products & they are always looking for varieties of Thai herbs which are known to be beneficial.

Our primary business is based around health & wellbeing, so we take hygiene very seriously indeed. We were the first Thai herbal tea manufacturer to add moisture & fungal protection to our herbal teas, this helps to preserve our products nutritional contents. We have a rigorous & highly sophisticated raw materials selection criteria, coupled with our modern, hygienic manufacturing environment. So you can be assured that we will continue to provide the highest quality products.

Safety & Reliability:

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Positive customer feedback Amazon (99.7%) & ebay (100%) is a testament to our quality of Products & Service.

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