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 If you are interested in representing Thanyaporn Herbs Thailand ( Manufacturer of Thai Herbal Products ) products in your country, please send us an email. Everybody can start reselling our products just by ordering from our online shop and resell it in your country, no contracts are needed.

OEM Herbs

Thanyaporn Herbs Thailand manufacturer also offers OEM service as per your requests. You can re brand our standard products or create your own products. We can do OEM for herbs, tea, soap, liquids etc. Please let us know your requests. We can arrange all laboratory tests, FDA approvals etc.

Bulk herbs

If you want to repack yourself, we can also supply you with our bulk herbs, either as raw material or in capsules, blister packing, tube, flacon etc.

Please send us your inquiry.

Thai Herbal Products Manufacturer - Thanyaporn Herbs Thailand

We are your partner for the best quality herbs from Thailand, with our respected brand name Thanyaporn, or under your own brand name !

Contact us by email, Line / WhatsApp, +66962252707.